Soooo Itchy!!!

Have you ever had an itch that was soooo itchy?  And nothing you did seemed to help?

And it was aaaaaaaaaaaagonizing!!??!!??

Extreme itch is an unfortunate fact of life: sometimes we get spots that are unbearably itchy.  Itches can keep you up at night, make for extreme social awkwardness, and even become painful if you scratch too much!

Itchiness can also make a person think, “what the heck is wrong? why am I soooo itchy?”  Toes and eyes and skin and bumps aren’t supposed to itch like that, so what’s going on??

Extremely Itchy Itches

If you have an extreme itch, it isn’t funny.  It’ll probably be funny in a week once the itch is gone, but it sucks at the time.

This website has pages dedicated to all sorts of itches: itchy scalp, itchy bites, itchy balls, itchy butt, and so on. It even has pages for itchy cats & dogs. General info about itchiness may be interesting, but specific info is good too.

Getting Rid Of The Itch

Have fun scratching and squirming until you eliminate the cause of the itch, whatever that cause may be!