Itchy Foreskin

Itchy foreskin is a men’s condition, a mild but irritating temporary disorder of the penis. This problem can be caused by a yeast infection. Symptoms include flaky skin, inflammation at the head of the penis or under the foreskin, and itchiness. Some men experience pain during urination or during sex or even develop a rash on the penis. There could even be a discharge under the foreskin with a mild yeast-like odor. Such yeast infections can be treated with a topical anti-fungal cream such as Miconazole or Structured Silver.

Some more products, which are classified together with Miconazole and Imidazoles, are Bifonazole, Econazole, Ketoconazole or Tioconazole. Structured Silver is best though, as it is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, unscented, pH balanced to match the skin (doesn’t cause skin cracking), plus it is not alcohol or petroleum based (it doesn’t cause burning).

Itchy foreskin can be related to diabetes. Men with underlying diabetes may develop thrush (another name for a Candida Albicans infection) around their foreskin, anus, and thighs. Treating the diabetes may help improve the condition of the foreskin and help to eliminate the itch, but treating the thrush is a much quicker way to address the itching.

No matter what causes the itchy foreskin, it is most important to wash the penis and foreskin in warm soapy water, rinse well, and then dry completely. For people in a rush, an air dryer or fan can be a good tool to speed up the process. Daily washing (or even more; two to three times) should help, though you won’t want to irritate the skin. If you are using an anti-fungal cream or gel follow the instructions given to you by the doctor. If you buy your anti-fungal cream or gel over the counter be sure to see a doctor anyway because he can look at your particular condition and give you the best guidelines on caring for your foreskin.

Canesten is a topical skin cream that can be used for fungal problems around the genitals and foreskin. Another name for this product is clotrimazole. You should be very clean when applying the cream. Both your hands and the foreskin should be freshly washed and dried. Do not use perfumed creams or soaps while applying the anti-fungal cream. When you dry your foreskin area, blot dry gently, being careful not to rub the skin. Around the genitals, anti-fungal creams should be used twice a day for two weeks or as prescribed by a doctor.

Sometimes itchy foreskin can be cleared up with home remedies. Vinegar can be used to clean the foreskin, especially if you suspect thrush is the underling problem. After washing with vinegar (no soap) let the area air dry. You can also wash the area the same way with hydrogen peroxide, again air drying. Upping your intake of certain supplements may help, such as vitamin E, garlic tablets or Echinacea. Although, you won’t ingest the vitamin E, the vitamin E is for applying topically. To apply vitamin E topically you break open the capsules and take the oily liquid from the inside of the pill and massage it in to the desired location, in this case the foreskin and any nearby areas.

The easiest approach to beating itchy foreskin is to use structured silver gel. It is available online and can be applied several times throughout the day. The benefit of silver is that it works against yeast, bacteria, and viruses, so even if the cause of the itch is not known there’s an excellent chance the silver will help. Proper washing and hygiene is still important, but structured silver gel can get you back to normal quickly.

Structured Silver Gel
(available here)

For an intro to Structured Silver, go here. To learn about silver and itchy spots, here’s a quote from the book A New Fighting Chance:

“Itching and scaling can occur for many reasons, including bacteria, viruses, yeast, and allergies. Regardless of the cause, dry skin is always a factor. Structured silver gel or liquid will reduce pain, inflammation, itching, and scaling. Additionally, it may remove the cause of itching.

Itching of the crotch is a common and embarrassing source of discomfort. This includes itchy vagina, itchy foreskin, itchy scrotum, and itchy rectum. For all of these itches, application of the gel several times a day can sooth the itch while simultaneously eliminating bacteria and fungus that may be the cause of the itch. Proper hygiene is essential for long-term prevention.

If you live in a warm, humid, or tropical climate, you may have a fungal or bacterial infection that grows in the warm, moist folds of the skin, including the groin. Simple application of the structured silver gel or liquid twice daily should keep it under control. For more aggressive cases, it can be used five times a day. In addition, at least one teaspoon of structured silver liquid should also be taken orally twice a day.

Structured silver can also be applied to itching behind the ears, itchy pimples, itchy armpits, and other areas affected by itch. The gel or liquid can be applied to children and adults of any age.”