Itchy Hair

Itchy hair is an occurrence that almost everyone in the world has suffered from at one point or another. When someone says that their hair itches, it is usually not actually their hair that itches, but simply their scalp. The scalp is the area on you head that is under your hairline where the hair actually grows from. The area is basically the equivalent of a field of hair on your head.

An itchy scalp can be caused by a great variety of issues, many of which can be solved with a simple treatment so that you can keep going on with your live without the constant annoyance of having to scratch your head to relieve some of the itchiness that occurs. Itchy hair and an itchy scalp is not so much physical pain, but more of an annoyance and an embarrassment to the person afflicted with the condition. An itchy scalp usually just demotivates someone and causes them to think too heavily into situations that they need to scratch.

One of the biggest causes for an itchy scalp is dandruff or dry skin on the top of your head underneath the hair line. Dandruff is an actual medical condition where the skin on your scalp flakes off into little pieces and just sits underneath the hair. It is similar to simple dry skin in the fact that it is easily seen, itches, and can be treated. A simple solution is to buy anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner for your hair to help and relieve some of the problem. Also, for extreme cases, a physician can write a prescription.

Itchy scalp can sometimes be a sign of something more. If anti-dandruff shampoo and basic treatment does not work, simply have your scalp checked out by a physician to determine of something else like a rash is causing the problem. Oftentimes, it is an easily treatable problem and can be remedied quickly. There are other medical conditions it could be, but most likely it something simple and annoying more than anything.

An itchy scalp and hair is nothing to be ashamed of, however it is still a good idea to not constantly scratch your head in public. The occasional scratch will go unnoticed and even of it is noticed, more likely than not, the other person has experienced the same thing and will have sympathy or just will not care. If you are truly concerned, however, a simple doctor’s visit will be able to give you more answers.