Itchy Rectum

Itching in the rectal area is one of the most embarrassing and frustrating moments that one can experience. Although it is tempting to satisfy an itch on this part of one’s body, it is not recommended for multiple reasons. It is not only a huge sanitation issue, as hundreds if not thousands of diseases are spread every day due to hands and fingers (including fingernails) contaminated with feces. These diseases can be deadly. Aside from health concerns, rectal itching is seen as extremely unsocial and disgusting in any civilized society.

An itchy rectum is often a sign of a larger problem. Various anal parasites carry symptoms of itching in the affected area. Other key reasons for rectal itching are uncleanliness, not wiping properly or sufficiently after a bowel movement, rashes or hemorrhoids. All of these can be solved with topical creams or medical treatment. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse, so visiting a doctor promptly is highly recommended, as no matter what type of parasite or skin scenario you face, it only gets more uncomfortable over time.

An interesting aside on rectal itching is that the topic was featured in a pop song by the band Cake titled “When you Sleep” that speaks of where your fingers go when you are asleep. This is obviously done in good humor, but is noteworthy as it attacks a rather taboo subject.

The amount of itchiness in the anal region intensifies with moisture and itching or rubbing by shorts or pants from sitting. The medical term for anal or rectal itching is “Pruritus ani” and there are multiple treatment options available. Stool softeners can be used to ease tension in the affected area. If this doesn’t work, topical ointments or mythlene blue injected into the area can be used.

The subject of anal itching, as mentioned before, is considered taboo by most, if not all people. When mentioned, it is generally regarded as an action akin to primates or animals, something devolved from modern human culture. Many will likely think of the popular YouTube video of the monkey scratching his rectum, smelling it and then falling from the log he was perched upon. While humorous, this video has a very astute moral; one which reveals another reason not to give in to rectal itching, a lesson to us all: if one indulges in itching the rectal area, their fingers will smell like feces, and the smell will be noticeable by anyone in your vicinity, as well as constantly noticeable by themselves. Besides, who really would want to spread feces around everything they touched? Even if a person decided to itch their rectum and wash their hands immediately afterward, the faucet handle would surely have feces on it after using it, as well as any door knob one would have to open on their way to the nearest sink.