Itchy Thighs

Itchy thighs can be extremely irritating to those who have them. What are some of the causes of itchy thighs, and how can they be dealt with safely and effectively? The first step is to look at the obvious reasons for itchy thighs.

One common reason for itchy thighs is irritation. This can occur from the thighs rubbing against each other or when they are irritated from cloth rubbing against them. This is especially true if there are allergies to certain materials. In this case not only will you have itchy thighs, but also other itchy body parts that rub against the same material. Heat rash, from wearing pants that are too warm, can also cause thighs to itch, especially in the inner thigh areas. The solution for these cases is rather simple as it can be dealt with by not wearing the irritating clothing. Sometimes, especially in the case of dark denim, it’s simply a matter of washing the material before wearing to remove the irritating substances in unwashed material.

Other common causes are dry skin, poor hygiene, or acne on the thighs and legs. In the case of dry skin, staying hydrated by drinking enough water and using moisturizing creams can sometimes be enough to eliminate itchy thighs. With dirt or poor hygiene, the obvious answer is to keep the area properly cleansed daily. This can also help in the case of acne.

Staph infections are another cause of itchy thighs. Itchy, even painful, pus filled bumps appear on the thighs and buttocks from staph infections, which can also be caused by poor hygiene or sharing of clothing. Anti bacterial soaps can be helpful; if it persists, oral antibiotics may be needed. Allergies to one’s own sweat can also cause itchy thighs. This becomes evident when thighs itch immediately after starting to run, or after taking a hot shower. Antihistamines taken before beginning these activities can help.

Other remaining causes of itchy thighs include jock itch, eczema, and keratosis pilaris. These conditions need medical treatment and it’s best to see a doctor for these cases. There are also occasions where itchy thighs are triggered from running after an extended period of inactivity, or restless leg syndrome. Whatever the cause, if over the counter treatments and recommendations do not help, seek medical advice from your doctor or other health care practitioner.